Brittany Ingamells – Founder & Head Planner

I started this company because I believe in having fun in style. When everyone is happy, smiling and enjoying themselves it makes my day! I became passionate about event planning and execution when working with a large corporation in 2005.

It was my job to dream up captivating events. I would select themes, entertainment and activities around a specific product. I created the design for the venue and event space as well. Thousands of guests would be invited. My favorite part was knowing everyone had an incredible time.

Soon I was bringing these skills to my personal life. Friends and family reached out for event ideas and needs. Celebrating birthdays, cocktail parties or just a party for no special reason began to be created by me. Each one would be more elaborate than the last. People described them as exciting, fun and exhilarating. What can I say, my enjoyment of creating blissfully enjoyable events for others is why I love what I do.

It’s exciting to meet with clients and get the ideas flowing! I like to think outside the box, and I am willing to try just about anything. It’s a compliment when people tell me how easy planning an event is when working with me.

Dave Vetter

I have been in the service industry my whole life. I started as a landscape designer and operations manager for high-end residential and commercial customers, including those at the very top end of Forbes list.

My favorite requests were the parties.  Decorating a home for a holiday party, planning a grand opening for your new building or trying to dress up a downtown rooftop for a celebrity dinner? You think of what you want, and I get you there.  Have you ever seen all the flowers in a resort casino suddenly change overnight? That’s what I do. I love pulling off the logistics behind the scenes. If anybody asks me how it happened, “Magic.”

I love to travel and have been all over the world. Adventure and trying  new things are always a part of my agenda. I bring sense of adventure and an open mind when I come into projects.

There are best practices in getting things done quickly and safely, however a party should always have its unique style and atmosphere. So share your vision with our team, we will take our experience and blend together all the pieces needed to make your event new and special.

Candice Pineda – Event Planner

I was once described by a friend of mine in the perfect way.  She told me that I can’t function unless I have six balls up in the air at the same time.   She was right.  I LOVE to be busy,  I work well under pressure, and I can manage a million tasks at a time and not lose my cool.  These traits are what help to make me a competent event planner.

My experience is first-hand; I thoroughly enjoy planning and throwing parties.  I am detail-oriented and love surprising my guests with personalized touches throughout my decorations.  My favorite part of the parties I have thrown is watching my guest’s reactions to my decorations.  I go all out, every time…even my food matches the theme.  I am always trying to out-do my last party and so far, I’ve succeeded.

I look forward to meeting you and making your vision a reality!